Create a Whatsapp Order

Receive complete orders directly on your WhatsApp. It is very easy and fast with the new WhatsApp Order widget from Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin.

With this widget, you can create one page to generate orders, select products, review orders, fill up your information, and send on WhatsApp. This widget works with Elementor, Woocommerce, and Briefcase Extras plugin.

Just use our new Woo Order widget on an Elementor template or page, choose WhatsApp option, style it, and go live, also you can combine it with the Woo Grid widget to create a complete custom product grid, check it out.

  • First, you need to Download and Install Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin. Download Here!
  • Download and install BriefcaseWP Extras plugin.
  • On WordPress dashboard go to Briefcasewp->Extensions menu, activate Bew Order extension.
  • Create a Page and edit with Elementor.
  • Insert Woo Grid Widget from Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin.
  • Insert Woo Order Widgets.
  • Make sure WhatsApp is selected on bew order type settings.
  • Set up your styles and preferences.
  • Save page.

Video Tutorial

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