How to import Bew Blocks manually

If you are using BriefcaseWp Extras plugin to import and use Bew Blocks, sometimes will be a server or internal error on your WordPress, so you can’t imported Bew Blocks.

Don’t worry you can import it manually,

  1. First, download the blocks Here!.
  2. Use the Elementor template to import the block. (How to import Elementor templates)
  3. You can find the blocks on Templates -> Theme Builder BriefcaseWp tab.
  4. Choose the block and click on edit.
  5. On BriefcaseWp Settings->Template Types, select Woocommerce Shop, it will allow you to use the block on the Woo Grid Widget.
  6. Repeat the process (2-5), if you want to add more block on your Woo Grid Widget.
  7. Enjoy your Bew Blocks.