How to use BriefcaseWP Extras

BriefcaseWP Extras is a complement for Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin, it allow you to manage your BEW Blocks and the Briefcasewp Templates.

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Go to BriefcaseWP menu on your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Before import the blocks, make sure yo have Elementor Pro installed and
    Wocoommerce with at least one product.
  4. Import the BEW Blocks using the one click Importer.
  5. After you are done with importing on “Import Templates” tab, you will be able to add/use these BEW Blocks and BEW Templates in Elementor.
  6. You can find all the available BEW Blocks on a new BriefcaseWP Tab inside of Elementor my templates section.
  7. You can find all the available BEW Templates on Elementor popup templates library. Blocks will be added on the block tab, these are organized according to the type of blocks, like a single product block or archive product block. Bew templates will be added on the pages tab, you can use the search to find it, just type bew and these will appear.