How to create a vertical categories filter shop page

If you want to set up a different and unique shop page, Woo Grid Widgets from Briefcase Elementor Widgets has an option to create a vertical categories filter on your shop page.

  • First, you need to Download and Install Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin. Download Here!
  • Download and install BriefcaseWP Extras plugin, if you want to use our pre-made blocks. Download Here!
  • Go to Elementor->My Templates.
  • Create a Product Archive Template.
  • Insert The Woo Grid Widget from Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin.
  • Make sure you have selected, display all elements on Elements per page option.
  • On Toolbar and Pagination, turn off Shop Toolbar.
  • On Filter by Categories, turn on Filter category.
  • Choose Vertical on Layout option.
  • Set your styles and preferences.
  • Save the template with the conditions.

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