How to create a Woocommerce Single Product Template

You can create a beautiful, custom global Single Product Template on Elementor with the Woo Dynamic Field Widget and apply on all your new and currents products.

How it works?

First you need to have Elementor and Briefcase Elementor Widgets installed in your WordPress.

You can download them in the following links.

–  Elementor

– Briefcase Elementor Widgets

Once the add-ons are installed, just follow the steps:

  • Go to Elementor->My Templates 
  • Add New Template.
  • Create a template with these settings. 

-Type Template (Page).

-BEW Template (Woocommerce Single Product).

-Template Name (Choose a nice name).

  • Click on Create Template.
  • Now you can create and design your single product template from scratch, 100% customizable, using the Woo Dynamic Field Widget of Briefcase Elementor Widgets, you can also use any widget from Elementor, Elementor Pro or another plug-in that you have installed.
  • Remenber the template will be apply on All your products.

Create your first Single Product Template from scratch.

  • Add new section with these settings :

    -Content Width (Full with ).

    -Columns Gap (No Gap). 

  • Insert the Woo Dynamic Field Widget, choose the element you want, customize it and star your design.

Or much better and easier, create your Single Product Template using the pre-made BEW Blocks.

  • First you need to download the Woocommerce single product template from BEW Blocks. (We recommend start with the standard single pdoduct template).
  • Go to Elementor->My Templates.
  • Import Templates, choose the file you downloaded and import it. 
  • On Elementor->My templates, choose the template of the list and click on edit.
  • Then on BriefcaseWp Settings select Woocommerce Single Product and click the update button to save it.
  • Now you have a complete custom template for your single products. Go to your product page and see your new awesome single product page.
  • If you want made additional customization, on the same edit page click on  Edit with Elementor.
  • You can change  and customize with your own style (Color, Fonts, etc), or just use it.
  • Update and see how looks.

Watch the Video Tutorial.

Additional Information.

-When you insert the Woo Dynamic Field Widget, it get automatically the data from the last product.

– Woo Dynamic Field Widget use the Dynamic content from your Woocommerce products.

– If you want edit the template type or return to the default woocommerce templates. Go Elementor->My templates, choose the template of the list and click on edit. Then on Briefcase Settings select what you want to change and click the update button to save the changes.   

As you can see with the combination of these two powerful tools Elementor and Briefcase Elementor Widgets, you can create unique and modern products pages for your E-commerce, fully customizable and most importantly, ready to make your first sales.

Do you want too see a demo site?

Create Beautiful Woocommerce Custom Single Page Template.

What are you waiting?. Download this plugin now!


  1. Create a Woocommerce Single Product Template – Does this software work well with Ultimate WooCommerce Auction – Pro? I need it to edit the auction pages. Thank you.

    Best wishes, Peter
    Sent: 08h 40m on 18-Mar-2020

    • Hello Peter; Briefcase Elementor Widgets are not compatible with Ultimate WooCommerce Auction yet. Thank you

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