How to use the Woo Grid with BriefcaseWP Extras Image Control.

Briefcasewp Extras Plugin allow to use an easy choose image control on the Woo Grid Widget to create your Woocommerce shop page, categories page or any grid to show your products.

  • First you need to download the Briefcasewp Extras plugin. Download Here!
  • Go to Elementor->My Templates.
  • Create a Product Archive Template.
  • Insert The Woo Grid Widget from Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin.
  • Choose your style and start setting your shop page.

Watch the Video Tutorial.

Additional Information.

-You can modify or create new styles for your Woo Grid.

Do you want too see a demo site?

Create Beatiful Woocommerce Custom Shop Page Template.

What are you waiting?. Download this plugin now!

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