Use Briefcase Elementor Widgets with Blocksy Theme

We are constantly adding compatibility with all the popular WordPress themes. Briefcasewp widgets and extensions work great with the Blocksy theme, our plugin is 100% compatible.

If you need to add our premium features, create a custom shop, single product, cart, or checkout and apply these to your Blocksy theme, just download and install this awesome theme.

Also If you need more extra customization and advance features, you can get Blocksy Pro, It is compatible with Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin too.

Check it out our video demonstration, what you can get when you combine this two awesome tools.

What is Blocksy?

Blocksy is a WordPress theme that’s optimized to work with the new block-based content editing interface in WordPress.

The theme was built using modern web technologies like React, Webpack, and Babel. This makes it fast and gives it a compact codebase.

Blocksy installs like any other Gutenberg WordPress theme and is fully integrated with WordPress’ customization interfaces. In other words, Blocksy is as easy to use as can be.

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