What's new with Briefcasewp

Fast Checkout
Create a new fast checkout feature.
In Development
Multi steps single product
Create a multi steps single product order with one page checkout mode.
In Development
Multi steps checkout
Create a multi steps checkout.
February 2021
Bew Checkout and Bew Cart
New custom Checkout and Cart builder.
November 2020
Woo Order
One Page Checkout and WhatsApp Order.
October 2020
Create Infinity and Load more pagination.
September 2020
Vertical filter
Create a vertical product filter for woo grid widget.
September 2020
Bew Mobile First Design
Create a mobile first design features.
August 2020
Bew Block Builder
Create a Bew Block Builder.
June 2020
Bew Fullpage
Create Bew Fullpage widget.
February 2020
Briefcase Elementor widgets
Create Briefacase Elementor Widgets for Woocommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
September 2019